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Reasons To Hire a Waste Removal Company

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If you’re on top of the contents of your home and business and regularly comply with council waste removal collections then the chances are you might never have crossed paths with a private waste company.
However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t at some point in the future require the services of a reliable removal firm. There may be many reasons why a company may need our help and here are just a few of the main ones.
Rubbish Overflow
There may come a time in any company or person’s lifetime where they simply need to get rid of more than their fair share of rubbish. This could be after a big clearout or it could simply be that circumstances mean you have more waste than usual. As such having a private firm deal with the waste rather than waiting with the problem for several weeks to be collected in regular collections may be much simpler.
House Clearance
When someone in the family dies then it could be left to loved ones or families to deal with their belongings. Often this may be their clothing and other personal effects but often it could be a complete house full of things. Even the most organised person may still generate a healthy amount of things which could be overwhelming to dispose of or re-distribute when someone has died. Having an independent company to come in and help lighten the load in a sensitive manner could be extremely helpful.
Cost Effective Waste Removal
Paying someone to get rid of what you no longer need might sound unnecessary. However, factor in your time, fuel, potential vehicle hire, storage costs etc and it could be much more cost effective to hire a firm to get rid of things all in one go rather than do it all yourself.
Health & Safety
Many people might not even think about health and safety implications of rubbish removal but actually hiring a firm to deal with large quantities or unusual items could prevent injury or exposure to something unpleasant. Our operatives are fully trained to deal with all health and safety considerations.
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New Website Launch March 2013

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Hello, and thanks for visiting our new website to find out exactly what we do here at TH Removals.

Quite simply, we’re a very affordable removal company who also specialise in rubbish & house clearances. We’re a family owned business that have been in business for over 10 years and proudly service the greater Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire areas. Thanks to the length of time we’ve been in business and the large area we cover, we’ve built up a great list of happy customers – some of those customers have left the glowing testimonials that you can see on our website.

Speaking of our website, we’ve recently had a new design commissioned for our site thanks to its ever growing popularity. We’ve included such helpful pages such as our quote calculator, coverage map and pricing table. We also have a dedicated contact us page to make it even easier for you to get in touch with us.

House Removals

For our house removals, we use our dedicated Mercedes Luton van, which is fully equipped with all the equipment we need to transport your prized possessions with comfort and safety in mind. We also carry a satnav to ensure we can find your property with minimal fuss and are fully insured to carry out removal work, for your piece of mind. Even though we do offer a rubbish clearance service, this isn’t carried out in our dedicated house removal vehicle for obvious reasons.
When you hire us for your next move, our professional and friendly staff will strive to make sure that the whole process is as easy and stress-free for you as possible. Thanks to our vast experience and the care that we take in our work, you can be sure that your next move will be an easy one.

House Clearance

Our house clearance service has proven to be very popular, and for good reason. Because of our experience and professionalism, you can be sure that we’ll treat all your items with the utmost respect and care. Because of the nature of our work and the circumstances that we are often hired in, we’ll often come across antique furniture, collectables, valuable artwork and other pieces of value. If we do come across something of value, we’ll make you an offer for it ourselves – however should you not wish to sell it to us, we’ll happily advise on where and how to sell it. Should we agree a price with you on an item, this is offset against the cost of the total house clearance job. In some cases we’ve ended up paying clients for the job, instead of them paying us.

Rubbish Clearance

Our rubbish clearance service is a great way of getting rid of your garden waste, unwanted building materials, office junk and many other types of waste at a very affordable price – most times we’re even cheaper than hiring a skip and doing the work yourself! We have a dedicated waste tipper truck and an expert team that will happily come to your home or office to clear out your rubbish and free up much needed storage space for you. We’re fully licensed to legally remove and responsibly dispose of any items that we clear off your property for you, so you know you’re getting a quality and professional service.

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