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The True Cost of Moving House

Cost Of Moving House

The True Cost of Moving House


Sometimes people think the price they see on a sales brochure is the final cost they’ll incur to move house. They couldn’t be more wrong. Moving house is eye-wateringly expensive for most people, there’s an endless stream of essential add-ons that you have to shell out for, as well as the cost of the actual property.


Here are just some of the costs that aren’t obvious at first that you definitely need to budget for:


  • A deposit: Although the government has recently launched a help to buy scheme where people will need a deposit of 5%, most people have to save up in excess of 20% of the total house price in way of a deposit. A deposit is a huge upfront cost – if you don’t have a deposit, you can’t get a mortgage – it’s that simple.
  • Mortgage setup & arrangement fees: Setup fees are usually paid to the bank and cost around £100-£200. Sometimes they’re refundable if your mortgage application is unsuccessful. On top of possible setup fees, you’ll also have to pay an arrangement fee, sometimes in excess of £2,000.
  • Survey & searches: It’s important to have any property you’re going to buy surveyed before you place an offer. This allows you to identify any issues with the property prior to purchasing it. This can cost around £1,000 in total. Searches should also be lodged with the local council to check for planning permission being sought by others in the local vicinity. Searches will cost around £200.
  • Legal costs: It’s a good idea to hire a solicitor to deal with things like the exchanging of contracts on your behalf. Solicitors don’t come cheap – expect to pay anything from £500 to £1,000 for their services.
  • Stamp duty: This is a tax paid on the price you pay for your property – it varies on a case to case basis. To get a firm figure to help you budget for your stamp duty liability, head over to the HMRC website.
  • Estate agents fees: Assuming you’re selling a house to move into another house, you’ll have to pay your estate agents a commission for selling your property – anything from 0.5% to 3% (sometimes higher). Remember their commission fee is net of VAT, so budget for 20% VAT on top of the commission figure too.
  • Moving costs: Actually moving your possessions from A to B isn’t free, especially if there’s a lot to move. The good news is that here at TH Removals we’ve got that covered with a professional removals service. Wherever you’re moving around the Herts, Beds or Bucks areas we can help!


Now you know the true cost of moving you can budget that bit better to ensure you won’t be left short of money should you decide to move house. For all your removals requirements look no further than TH Removals – please call or email us now to find out more about the service that we offer!

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