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Why Have a Pre-Christmas Clear Out?

Although we are more used to the idea of a Spring Clean than a Winter one, many people do choose this time of year to sort out their old junk and tidy up around the house. Having a pre-Christmas clear out can be a great way to prepare for the festive season. Many of us like to get our homes in order before the kids start their holidays, our relatives turn up to stay in the spare room, and we need the kitchen to prepare a family feast. Getting rid of some unwanted items can also be a great way to prepare for the influx of new gifts that will occur on Christmas Day, particularly if you have kids in the house and your toy box or cupboards are already overflowing.

As well as getting your home ready for the festivities, your Christmas clear out might also turn up with a pile of unwanted items that you need to get rid of. Some of the things you find will need to be recycled or thrown out, but we often have a selection of perfectly useable items at home that we simply don’t want or need for ourselves. Christmas is a particularly good time of year to sort out these items as there are a few simple ways we can get them to someone who will actually enjoy them.

If you are feeling in the festive spirit, you might want to donate some unused items to charity, or take them along to a charity shop where they can find a new home for Christmas while they earn some much-needed funds for your favourite cause. Alternatively, if you are feeling in need of some funds yourself to cover your Christmas expenses, you could try to sell your unwanted items online.

Another option is to pass your unwanted items on to another person as a Christmas gift. Re-gifting has a bad reputation, but it is really a form of recycling and there is no point in keeping unused items in your home. Just make sure that you don’t give any gifts back to the person who gave them to you, and that you match each item with someone who will really appreciate it. If you still feel a bit guilty about re-gifting, you could always decorate or customise an item by hand before giving it away.

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